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This is what I saw last night:

The sanctuary was divided in two. One side was completely dark. The other side was fading light. The darkness represented fear and doubt and pretty much the enemy trying to spread lies that through Campus Awakening, CMYM won’t be able to win souls for Christ. The fading light was CMYM. But in the center, 5 youth stood up one by one, decked out in white and gold armor. They were WARRIORS. They stood ready to fight while facing the darkness. I saw Eli stand first. Then Sharlene. Then Joshua. Followed by Tricia and Jade. They were pretty much saying, “No, Satan! We won’t go down!”

This is the image I saw when we first started to pray, but as the night progressed, so did the picture. The 5 were still standing in the middle, their bright light holding the darkness back. Then one by one, each of the other members of CMYM began to stand up and got into battle ready position. Soon, the fading light became bright lights and took over the darkness. The darkness faded away and in its wake, the image of thousands of youth appeared.


The second part coincided well with what P.Ben was saying at the time. We’re all leaders and there will always be someone who will follow. These 5 weren’t afraid to take the lead. The rest of CMYM soon followed. Then behind CMYM, their friends, their classmates, the youth they bumped into at the mall.

As the title states, CMYM is raising up an army.